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Au-pairing in Austria

The visa regulations for Au-pairs wanting to work in Austria differ according to whether the Au-pair is from

Visa Rules For Au-pairs From European Countries

Au-pairs from countries that are within the  European Economic Area  are free to travel and work in the Austria under the  provisions of the  European freedom of movement regulations: these regulations permit the  free movement of goods, persons, services, and capital among the EEA nations i.e. the right for Europeans to work and live in any other European country of their choosing.



Austria does however require the Au-pair to obtain a residence permit if they wish to live and work in Austria for more than three months.  The residence permit is easy to obtain and routinely issued once applied for.


Countries Given Full Free Movement Rights By Austria:

Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Czech Republic / Cyprus / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Norway / The Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / United Kingdom /

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Visa Rules for Au-pairs  from Non European  Countries

Austria has relaxed its policies on permitting Au-pairs from non European countries to work in Austria.

Au-pairs from outside Europe, including the USA, can obtain permission to work as an Au-pair in Austria. They must however obtain a work permit to be an Au-pair prior to their arrival in Austria .


They must also comply with the following conditions; 

Host family must apply for the permit and receive the consent from the Austrian Employment Service (The AMS) prior to the Au-pair leaving their country.

The permit is given is for 6 months and it will be extended for a further 6 month period once the Au-pair has arrived.  The visa is valid for  6 months and may be extended for an additional six months.

Both the Host family and the Au-pair have requirements that need to be complied with.

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Host Family Requirements:

  • An application must be made to the Job Market Service (AMS- Austrian Employment service) at least two weeks prior to arrival of the Au-pair .
  • A signed contract must be submitted. click her to see the contract:
  • The family must take out accident and medical insurance for the applicant and this should cover for the entire period that the Au-pair will reside with the family. 
  • Must provide a written list of ALL duties that the Au-pair will be required to undertake.
  • The Au-pair must be provided with their own bedroom and all meals..
  • Must give the Au-pair a minimum of  350 EUROS per month.
  • Must comply with Austrian labour laws. I.e. follow the rules on vacation pay and sickness pay. Please refer to the  Austria House assistant and house employee law (HGHAG)
  • Must pay half the cost of Au-pair's language classes.

Au-pair Requirements:

  • Must obtain a  residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) from your local Austrian Embassy before travelling to  Austria
  • You must be between 18 and 28 years of age
  • Your application must be made through a  registered & authorized employment agency
  • The visa is given for a maximum period of 12 months.
  • You must have some basic knowledge of German. You will need to provide proof of this
  • You must not have resided in Austria for more than a total period of one year within the last 5 years
  • You contact will provide that you will provide up to  25 hours of housework and child care each week
  • You are able and will provide your won travel
  • You will need to enrol in a language classes while resident in Austria.

The Documents required :

  • Au-pair Relations Announcement (AMS FORM)
  • The contract between  Au-pair and the family  (AMS Form)
  • Proof that the Au-pair has attended languages studies in German  in  Au-pair's country
  • Proof that medical and accidental insurance has been taken out
  • The list of job duties

Click here for the AMS home page


Aupair World Agency Disclaimer Notice


Please note that the aupair visa rules given by Aupair world are meant for guidance purposes only and are not to be relied upon. Au pair world cannot be held liable for this information and reader are strongly advised to seek legal advice from the appropreiate channels in the country they wish to work in.



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