Aupair In California

Aupairing in California


Population 37,253,956



California represents the ultimate American Dream. As The Mamas and the Papas put it in the good old 60s, “California dreamin' on such a winter's day” is what a whole lot of people did back then, are doing now, and will be doing in years and years to come.
If you’re one of them and you want to stop dreaming and start acting, read on and you will find the cheapest places to stay in, the schools to help you out with the language, the best locations and how to earn that extra money while you’re there.


Au-pair Hot Spots In California

Formerly under the power of the Spanish Empire, the warmth of this land and the specifically Spanish city names are no wonder. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento and so on are only a few examples. With 840 miles worth of coastline, there’s more to do on the golden beaches than just sunbathing and surfing.  You can escape on a romantic getaway on Coronado Island, in the heart of San Diego or if you’re an animal lover you can go whale watching with special experts in Rancho Palos Verdes or go horseback riding on Pismo Beach. Elephant seals also await for you at Piedras Blancas in San Simeon. If you’re a sport person and enjoy cycling you can go on the world’s longest beach bike trail on the South Bay, from Pacific Palisades to Torrance Stretching.
There is also more to California than the beaches. Visit the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola or take a walk down Sunset Boulevard in L.A. Discover the Cultural Arts District in Fresno or take a step back in the past on the old streets of Pasadena. Whether you go into Calico ghost town, and discover the secrets of the desert, visit the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and enjoy exhibitions, lectures, and movie screenings, explore Hollywood sets and uncover cinema secrets and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, you will always find something to inspire you and create a wonderful memory that will remain imprinted in your mind and heart forever.
And if you want some souvenirs to materialize that memory, there’s no better place to go shopping then the California Outlet Malls, where bargain is the word. If you however want something more traditional, the place to go is 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Shops, Restaurants, a pedestrian only zone and the breeze of the ocean to accompany you.


Learning Centers

If one of the reasons stopping you from visiting this amazing state is the language barrier, worry no more as California is well supplied with language schools that are going to help you improve your English knowledge, at prices that go from $295 to $630 for two weeks of lessons. Here you can find links to websites of learning centers spread throughout the state.


As always, California is full of cheap accommodation and youth hostels. Prices go from around $15.00 to $95.00. For a complete list of hostels, with prices and location in every city, visit:
If however you can afford a bit more and you think you’ll have more time to enjoy your place, try visiting The California Associations of Bed and Breakfast Inns at They have wonderful rooms with prices going from $49,00 to 300,00 $ a night. And you might get a chance to be with The Eagles “on a dark desert highway” to “Hotel California”.

Night Life in California

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to night time in the Golden State, and there’s something for everyone. If you’re into clubbing and partying all night there’s some clubs you might want to visit. The Highland Hollywood and Las Palmas in Los Angeles, Club NV and Ruby Skye in San Francisco and Onyx Room in San Diego are only some of the most famous among dozens in each city.  And if you want to listen to some live music, you can’t miss the Superbowl in Hollywood or the Fillmore in San Francisco. For more and more details take a look at

Look out for jobs

If the beaches and clubs of California left you without a penny, you can take up a job and earn some money.  The good news is that, unlike other US states, the minimum wage here does not change for people working in the catering and hospitality business, so the pay for everyone is $8.00 per hour, non dependent on possible tips.  To find a job online you can visit the websites listed below and remember, if Metro Station asks you ‘What do you say we leave for California?” say YES.





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